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Reviewed xln telecom on Thursday, February 15, 2018

This has got to be the worst provider ever. I took over a small business and these jokers are the company they used. I asked my previous supplier to take over the line and broadband but this company dug there heels in refusing to allow the line and number to be change they told me the only way I’m getting the same number would be to join them which I was not prepared to do so tried holding me to ransom.

The customer service is shocking constantly repeating myself. I spoke to Ofcom who advised me to make them aware they are breaking telecom rules and I just got laughed at.

Since then I have made a complaint to Ofcom and waiting to hear the outcome.

I would advise downloading an app to record any calls before speaking to them and make them aware they are being recorded you will be shocked the way they speak to you.


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