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Reviewed xln telecom on Thursday, February 22, 2018

When we moved in to our rented accommodation we were told we had to pay £300 to cancel our Landlords XLN business broadband/telephone line, or take it up on a new residential contract. We could not afford to cancel so had no choice but to take up the new contract. Slow intermittent broadband was an understatement but what choice did we have?

We have now been told we have to leave from our home as our Landlady is selling it due to very ill health (currently having her heart operated on and due to be in hospital for at least a month if not more) Not only are we losing our home but work also due to having to relocate.

I contacted XLN today to explain that we have to move so could we please end our contract to be told yet again that we have to pay the £300 cancellation fee or for our Landlady to contact them to take the contract over as a new tenant....She is in hospital!!! I have been told that we have to provide an eviction notice dated and signed, which we do not have and can not get, and if, god forbid she does not make it after the operation, we are pretty much stuffed.

Customer service is obviously not a high priority for XLN.

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