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Reviewed xln telecom on Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Don't trust this company.
XLN has been nothing but a rip off and stress for me and my small business.
I wrote a review last year after being duped into entering into a new contract with them after they decided to change my contract mid way through my term. Apparently I had to enter into a new contract or face a £299 fee for leaving because I hadn't seen their email and responded within a 30 day period. The contract Id previously agreed in to was no longer going to be on the market and instead I had to enter into a more expensive contract (£10 pcm more for less privileges!) Bear in mind this was mid way through my contract and not near the end. In the end I had no choice but to take on another 12month contract to get a lesser price- still nowhere near the price I had initially agreed to in my first contract.
CHECK YOUR INVOICES! CHECK YOUR EMAILS! I run a small business alone, with income calls only and my invoices became more and more expensive for no reason. I queried these and was told they'd added on insurances and packages that they said would be better for me that I hadn't agreed to and that wasn't in my contract.

I write again as during this new contract, months in I received another email, no phone calls or letters only 1 email to declare that my contract was changing AGAIN to a far more expensive one and the one I'm in now would no longer be available. This time I phoned straight away and was advised that I could change supplier with no fee within 30 days which I was more than pleased to do! Once I had changed supplier I began to receive umpteen phonecalls and emails threating that I owed £299 for changing.
Called XLN and after many contradicting conversations and them shaming other companies to gain back my business, It was agreed that I was within my rights to leave.
I was lucky this time to have seen that 1 email theyd sent.
This is bad business practice, surely they wont get away with this for long!
Get out whilst you can or you'll be tied into contracts that don't suit you for a long time!

I will now most likely get the bog standard automated reply below to contact them regarding this issue...
After months on end of contacting them trying to get them to help a small business owner who's been massively let down by their company they failed to help or resolve any issue I had.

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