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Reviewed xln telecom on Monday, March 26, 2018

Having to review here, as XLN had this review silenced on Trust Pilot, making up a nonsence story that we have multiple accounts writing multiple reviews, this is not the case. Simply see how many positive reviews of XLN there are on trust pilot! Something not right is going on!

In our experience of 18 months with them, they are a very bad company, they answer the phone quickly, but are absolutely not to be trusted, stay clear.

Had an email through saying our contract would go from £30 per month to £37.99 per month, this is part way through the contract.

When phoned up to ask why this is the case, we were simply told that they could change our payment amount on the contract as it was in their terms and conditions that they can charge what they like for the contract and they decided that the contract we were on was no longer available, despite signing upto the contract when we joined as a special offer for what we thought would be the entire period of the contract.

The only thing they could offer us was yet another charge for a card machine if we wanted a card machine with them. As if!

Businesses need certainty in regular payments, not make the price up as you go along and hope no one notices.

Needless to say we are now cancelled

AS AN UPDATE following our intial attempt to cancel

Trust pilot have now removed this review as XLN reported it, suggesting we have multiple accounts reviewing XLN, this is NOT the case. We have wasted enough of our time on this corrupt company and do not wish ourselves or anyone else to have to waste any of their time either.

It re-inforces how underhand the company is, having also just spoken to an agent at XLN again (following automated message bombardment advising they will be charging us £299 if we try to leave) the agent was very unhelpful, seemed disinterested in the conversation and would not committ to any contractual information or obligations. He could not even clarify when they would make the charge or how it would be collected.

Needless to say, it seems trust pilot cannot be relied upon to broadcast and manage genuine reviews

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