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Reviewed xln telecom on Wednesday, March 28, 2018

10 steps behind TALK TALK and BT.
Avoid at all
Costs! 3 months into the contract and I am planning on leaving and have been quoted £400! Biggest con artists and fraudsters. The sales rep are bunch of liers will say anything to get you signed on and there customer service is appalling! I was clearly told by the sales rep all U.K. mobile numbers are free which implies (Lyca numbers ) too as it is a U.K number!
I have been with TALK TALK for several years and they do not add extra charges to leech every penny out of you! They charge you for no caller ID which with talk talk and BT are free. They also charge you for calling Lyca mobile U.K. numbers whereas with TALK TALK and BT it is free. My average bill with talk talk was £30 whereas with XLN it’s £54!! For providing the same services! Also they have added an extra charge for insurance (few £!) without my permission few days ago whereas TALK TALK all breakdowns are free! Stay away as your bills will rise and rise with extra hidden charges! Please stay away from this fraudulent company I will be taking them to Court for misleading customers! Stay away! They are 10 steps behind other TALK TALK and BT.

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