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Reviewed Signpost on Thursday, April 5, 2018

Caveat: I'm quite new to Signpost, and am a sole-proprietor tutoring service. I was quite hesitant to invest 25% of my last-year revenues in a locked-in, $2000-minimum year-long contract, but I thought it wouldn't take that many good client acquisitions to pay for itself, so I went for it. Service has been good, though upselly (there are fairly basic things like payments integration that are add-ons). My first tour-through and these are my comments: don't use a personal or multi-purpose email address. The "AI" is not, contrary to salespeople's vague claims, smart enough to pick out which emails are business-related, and I had to manually unsubscribe like 1000 inappropriate contacts it dumped into my list. I changed to a work-only email (about time anyway), but am still trying to totally cut the cord between Signpost and my personal email. Next hurdle: the CRM. It's VERY bare-bones, like less functionality than my Android contacts app -- it seems to be import-only; can't even manually add fields like phone or email, let alone create relationships. You can segment into lists, but it seems like it's built more for brute-force mass marketing to a huge list than the kind of granular, personal client details a business like mine needs. Caveat emptor, I guess. I'm now hoping that integrating PaySimple (on which they give you a discount, which is nice) will give me a functional CRM that has at least some integration with Signpost. Plus PaySimple has a booking feature, which I badly needed to upgrade, and Signpost doesn't integrate directly with any but one very fitness-centric booking product.

So, a mixed start; get in touch if you're a similar business and want to know how my experience pans out!

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