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Reviewed doxo on Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Sadly, Doxo's customer service skills are seriously neglected. First, heaven forbid an issue arises with your account, you have to contact them thru email. They do not take calls or provide customer service to their clients thru the phone. (Being a massive waste of time for the client because let's be honest, most issues can be fixed in 5min or less over the phone instead of countless minutes in back and forth emails) Secondly, it just apalls me to think a company who has my banking information on file (something I would expect high security and protection for) cannot and will not speak to me over the phone even when asked to in an email. Not very good in customer service or protection, in my opinion! Lastly, if there is a mess up on their end (such as they billed every bank account you have stored with them for one bill), they will not take any blame or even remotely admit there my have been fault or a mistake on their end. They go full force on blaming the client and then tell you how to cancel your account! Clearly, they do not appreciate the business or having you as a client. To offer little resolve, insinuate the customer is wrong with no clue as to what they are doing, and then immediately suggest closing your account instead of offering an apology is just not how you run a business. Once again, customer service is NOT a priority for this company, and I am frustrated with the lack of communication available when dealing with my money and bank accounts, lack of trust, and negligence from this company. Not to mention the way the respond and speak to their clients via email. Big fat no on recommendation from me!

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