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Reviewed xln telecom on Tuesday, June 12, 2018

If I could have given a star minus I would Xln are shocking they are a rip off company. When I moved into my house they refused to release the line as previous owner was still in contract and would not pay £400 yes £400 to end it although there was only 5 weeks left to run. Xln called me and said if I would take the account over which meant I'd lost my phone no I'd had for 15 yrs I could be switched on within 24 hrs in fact it turned out to be three weeks!! Since being with them I've had nothing but problems with connection I have to keep resetting router I've phoned them the agents change the settings at their end and it works for a few hours then disappears again after many complaints and conversations they said I should send back router as it might be faulty but if they tested it and it worked they would charge me £60 for a new one! Now how do we think that would have planned out? Not in my favour methinks! So I refused this generous offer, it's not the router it's their service into my property that's at fault so then the agent said they could do nothing else for me and suggested I buy extenders or ethernet links as they were providing me with the service promised the fact that I have no WiFi connection wasn't their fault I can't end the contract because it's quite new and would cost £100s to end. So I have invested in links to try and get internet around my house I've spoken to my neighbours who are not with Xln and they have no problems at all they a very fast WiFi connection with their providers and for much cheaper than this disgusting company charge I was totally duped by the original salesman and also not informed that vat would be charged on top of "bargain package" all other companies are inclusive of vat I am not a business so I cannot claim it back.
This company should be investigated for bad practice and misrepresentation and every other shady business practice they are inflicting on their customers there must be a body who control internet companies that we can complain to I am stuck with these rip off merchants for two years I the day I heard the name Xln Avoid Avoid Avoid

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