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Reviewed AlphaRacks Hosting on Wednesday, June 20, 2018

After me and my friend who owns a VPS server on the host have had our server transfered and reinstalled 2 times already and sending countless support tickets to get the problems fixed. I have to say, AVOID THIS PIECE OF **** HOSTING SERVICE AT ALL COSTS. Our VPS took 24 hours to boot the linux OS it was running on after I issued a server reboot via the panel, the server was unresponsive while idling (less than 1% cpu usage) After we were transfered the 2nd time when I tried restoring backup the connection just kept dropping as it was unresponsive for no reason again. before that when they "fixed" our issue the VPS started being unresponsive again not even 12 hours after they claimed "we fixed it".

We used to get responses like this: "your server is working fine and responsive." when it wasn't even usable not to mention insane ping.

This is literally the worst hosting service one could use, if you use it, request a refund and switch to a more reliable host like or ramnode, if you think it's expensive you can get the same specs VPS for cheaper there but it'll be reliable with no similar issues like on alpharacks.

I hope you learned something today about using hosting services. I personally use for shared hosting and never had any issues and used to have a 1 month free VPS on there with lowest tier. it was way better than whatever we have on alpharacks as of this time.


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