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Reviewed doxo on Wednesday, July 4, 2018

So let me start by saying this is the worst and I do mean the very worst 3rd party company EVER!!! For starters it’s the most confusing site ever if you want to pay by check. First they start off by asking all of ur banking info and after you put the amount that your payment is it tells you that from now on your payment will come out of ur account by way of ACH every month on a certain date. It says you can change this at anytime after you make this payment. At this point I’m just wanting to pay my car payment so that I don’t get a negative reflection on my credit report. So I agree just so that they can pay this car payment right away. So after it gave me a date for the next month I think everything went well and it’s all taken care of. I press the agreement button and I’m on my way to call Westlake to tell them I pain the car payment. I call them and they tell me they have no such record and that I should see if they gave me a confirmation number. I go back on line and I realize that that stupid date that they gave me for the next month is not only the date that they will b taking the money out of my bank account but that is the very same day next month that they will pay my payment that they already took out of my bank! It gets better !! So the day I paid it was June 18th! The day they estimated that it would post to my “account” is July 9th ! That’s another reason it was so confusing because they kept using the word” account “ I’m like the “account “ meaning my bank account or my car payment account or the account I had to create for Doxo?! And since there is no one to talk to only email back and forth which is so dumb! So they mean to tell me that they took my money already out of my bank and that they will b holding my money for 21 days in their possession before they pony express my money over to my car payment account! Well I told Westlake which is the car payment ppl and they said they will repo my car if I let 21 days go by! They told me never to use DOXO because they are a shady company. There is no reason under the sun that any company should hold any money for 21 days ! Now I had to pay them again this time directly because now that I learned my lesson that I have just given my money to a company that holds ur money in a high interest account all so that they can make money off of ur money while ur car can b repod I wasn’t going to b dumb enough to do it again. Lesson learned and they still haven’t given my car payment to the car ppl but I paid them 2 times in 30 days all because DOXO is shady. I contacted the BBB they have a slew of complaints don’t b an idiot like myself they keep ur payment for 21 days it’s not good at all ! Danger danger! Don’t use them !

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