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Reviewed Procius on Thursday, July 5, 2018

I would give this company ZERO if I could. Literally THE most unprofessional, lazy, incompetent people. Nothing was ever done when it should’ve been, it got to the point where I had to call every time to make sure something had been done. (It never ever had. It was always “I’ll do that now for you.” When it should’ve been done days/weeks before!). So many people are pushed back because they don’t chase up your references which I think is diabolical... People losing out on money, accommodation and time because procious can’t do their job properly. Disgusting. They couldn’t do my criminal record check despite me having paid for it and they told me to do it myself and they’d refund it within 2 weeks if I sent an email with proof of payment attachment which I did straight away. 3 MONTHS later I still haven’t received it. Awful awful company, I hope it gets shut down and saves other people an oasis of stress.

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