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Reviewed Cloud Next Ltd on Friday, July 6, 2018

Terrible! Would not recommend their service at all.

My website was down for unspecified number of days! This is after they urged me to change the DNS records. I followed exactly the instructions and checked the website, everything was working ok afterwards. Then a few weeks after this, I found my website was down. Contacted their support, turns out the "technical support" wouldn't even read my message properly, using the "IT crowd" type of stereotypical tactic to fob me off. Didn't even know what version of .net framework my website was running on, which could be easily found out by a quick look at web.config file. Anyone with some basic web dev experience would know that! The saga took 12 days and many back and forth tickets/messages to get them fix it. I asked them to find out about how long my website was down for, surely they would have logs? But guess what, there's no logs and they couldn't tell me how long the outage lasted! And when asked for compensation they wouldn't compensate for the losses caused.

Now given this outrageous experience, I wanted to cancel my contract with them after it's due for a renewal! Can't believe they had the cheek to ask for the renewal... But I was a day late in cancellation. I did actually cancel the payment authorisation, direct debit but somehow they still managed to snatch another year's payment off me. When I raised this with them and they again, fobbed me off using their T&C small prints as excuses...

Really dodgy host.

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