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Reviewed Hostingsource on Wednesday, July 18, 2018

It is always easy to say how good Hostingsource.com are because nothing really ever goes wrong anyway and if it does, it’s usually down to me not knowing something. I get help with some brilliant things each week by everyone and love the help I get. But it just shows all the behind-the-scenes work that never gets the praise it deserves when something like today hits.

Because we have such good uptime rates from you all it would be so easy to act like a spoilt child on sugar and be complaining today. But I want to do the opposite and thank everyone involved today, as it just shows that big things can happen unexpectedly and the teamwork and relationship between customer and company is only really tested properly in times like this.

So for today more than any other day since I became a HostingSource customer – THANK YOU!

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