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Reviewed 20i on Monday, July 23, 2018

The best service ever!

Having used a number of the 'leading' hosting providers over the years I can honestly say that, without a single doubt, 20i is by far the best!

The dashboard system is clean, simple, elegant and incredibly easy to use. Features available are superb and the value for money is the cherry on top!

I am much more a 'designer' than a developer, so venturing into the world of freelancer marketing (although a very strong Google & Social Professional) web development was a slight weak link. The support I have received has been unparalleled. It has enabled me to have the confidence to offer a very strong and overall portfolio of services.

The only thing I will be changing in the very near future... is an increase in services and spend with them! For me, this has become one of the strongest tools I have as a Freelancer.

Thank you to all the team and although you are busy I hope to meet some of you one day (I'm only in Chesterfield).

All the very best and thank you so much.

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