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Reviewed cloudabove on Monday, August 6, 2018

If you find yourself reading this review, stop, and go and select an appropriate plan for your website and schedule in a migration with cloudabove. Having used copious amount of web hosts that promise the world, they have all oversold their plans which results in overshared resources and an extremely slow website, which will ruin your search engine rankings, conversion rates and bounce rates. The support is non-existent or you get a reply 4 days later with links to their knowledgebase - imagine the lost profits and frustration from your website completely down for 4 days.

cloudabove are a complete anomaly in the hosting industry, they have extremely competitive package prices, web servers that are optimised and run Litespeed which is up to 16 times faster than standard web servers.

The support it unparalleled, they go above and beyond no matter what the issue is, whether you are paying for a £3/month plan or a £80/month plan, the support will be exceptional and your issue will be resolved extremely quickly.

Having seen cloudabove grow as a company rapidly, I was slightly concerned the support may start to decline, but I was completely wrong. The support I have received has always been consistent, exceptionally quick and a thorough explanation of the issue(s).

Hosting companies charge £50 a month for managed services as an extra, and cloudabove pretty much offer that for free even on there £12/year plan as their support is outstanding.

Do your own research & make your own decision, but I promise you, it will be the best decision you ever make.

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