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Reviewed 20i on Monday, August 27, 2018

Finally, A perfect hosting company!

I have been a customer of 20i for around 6 months. I have a reseller package which is hosting around 10 sites at the moment.

Previous I was with Heart Internet but I left due to the ever-increasing costs of their service, restrictions and lack of usability.

20i pretty much lets you do anything. SSL is even free!

My main concern when looking for a new host was migrating websites and most importantly for me one of my client's complex email setup.

I needed have been worried, 20i has a great migration tool and depending on your previous host, you can migrate to 20i pretty much at a click of a button. Migration was seamless!

I did have one issue which turned out to my just me being dumb! However, when I raised a ticket with 20i the response was almost instant, clear and non-patronising (which can sometimes be a problem with other hosts) I really do hope that 20i keep up this fantastic customer service. (continued at Trustpilot).

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