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Reviewed MilesWeb on Thursday, September 13, 2018

It's true fact that the support team of MilesWeb is very co-operative and ready to support 24 hours in three different languages. I have contacted in midnight, they replied within a half hour. Most plans are priced less than half than the competitors in its class.

But, there is a negative point in MilesWeb. It's nothing but, DDoS attack. Some jealous people/company attacks on MilesWeb's server time to time due to their good quality hosting service in fractional of cost.

Yes, when the DDoS attack occurs on MilesWeb and the server experiencing a long downtime then they first disable phone support. The phone either ringing or receive a busy tone. Chat option gets disappear. Tickets remain pending or reply with an apology and working hard to resolve type messages. They shoot an email to users to convey that they are experiencing huge unusual traffic from abroad and they disabled the overseas traffic for precaution. In this situation, the server totally collapses and even Indian users have lost access to the website. Generally, they need 3-4 days to recover from this DDoS attack.

I have experienced this type of situation 2 times in the last three months. I love their team, but due to this enormous downtimes, I faced a lot of trouble in my hosting business. Especially my email clients expressed their sadness. I lost renewal due to the same.

I am not opposition or competitor or sponsored guy. But, I'm sharing my true experience. Hope, the MilesWeb will understand us.

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