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Reviewed MilesWeb on Friday, September 21, 2018

I transferred to this company all of my sites and websites of my clients in the spring of 2018. There have been small difficulties that have been resolved. But on September 15, unexpectedly, all sites, associated with my account, stopped working. Support could not explain to me why sites not working, even in the chat did not answer, advised to send a ticket or a mail. A couple of days later my question was finally answered, support reported that suspicious traffic was detected on their server, so they disabled port 80 (for http protocol), and all sites now are working on port 443 (on protocol https).
A day later support answer me that all accounts will be temporarily transferred to another server and I will be notified new account details. As a result, the migration of accounts took them a couple of days, after the migration I found that the sites do not work either under port 80 or under port 443, c-panel not work too. I wrote and wrote to support again, asked them to find the cause why sites and c-panel not open - they send me screenshots of my working sites and c-panel. I could not understand - why ?
Today I found out that the problem was that the new server's IP was blocked earlier in my country by judge decision. The blocking of IP has remained and no site of my account now not works. I immediately reported this in support of the Milesweb, in the chat support specialist first long time told me that they transferred my account to the new server, as if he not understanding what I was telling him. Finally I wrote a ticket and a mail to support, explained the situation. After several hours of waiting, I was offered another IP. But it also proved to be blocked. 3-d IP that was offered to me was not blocked, I wrote about it in support.
I agree to migrate my account to a new server with a new IP.
At this moment my sites do not work for 6 days, I can not enter the c-panel, can not take copies of sites and databases. Support don't answering to me when my account will be transferred and the sites will finally work.... E-mail also does not work, because it is configured on the hosting server.
Prolongation of my payment for hosting is now under very big question.... After all, not only I am, all my clients, who have their own Internet shops, are also losing money.
My nerves are already at the limit. I am very upset by such events. Unfortunately, after trying a lot of hosting companies from different countries, I still have not found stability and tranquility.....
Conclusion - if you can not independently solve the problem of detecting errors, problems with the operation of databases and sites, if you need the smooth operation of your sites, I certainly will not advise you this company - and it makes me very sad..((

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