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Reviewed Rack Foundry on Saturday, September 22, 2018

As a RackFoundry customer for over a year and a half - I was curious to see how they've been doing. When I first purchased RackFoundry they had minimal online presence. It made the decision hard as many other vendors I looked at seemed to have much more experience and market presence. RackFoundry's feature set and price definitely helped with my decision. Unlike the reviews I see below, I've actually had a pleasant experience with RackFoundry over the past year. At first we had some difficulty with the deployment and some features not working (Like the scanning mentioned below). Although, after a few calls with their pro services team we were able to fix these issues. Since those initial first 3 months the platform has run without any issues other than a few bugs here and there. (which were resolved through updates) I've been quite pleased with the experience and figured it would only be fair to write a positive review after seeing the comments below.

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