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Reviewed Earnin on Thursday, September 27, 2018

I find it awful that Earnin does not respond to low scoring reviews, yet has the time to reply to good reviews. It seems obvious that this enterprise is solely based off of scamming hard working individuals out of their hard earned money. I can speak from experience as I have been using this app for about 8 months and even got my pay period max all the way up to $450. I understand that this is actually close to their Maximum cash out of $500, so I thought that I was being a loyal user of this app. I was wrong, this past month my pay period max decreased twice on back to back checks. I went from $450 to $250 in the course of one month. So now I am unable to recuperate that $100 that was taken from my bank account on both occasions totaling a loss of $200 with no explanation other than "you don't tip enough" which is unreasonable as I tipped about $10 each time. The representative I emailed back and forth with said that you must "pay what you think is fair" but how are we supposed to know what is considered fair? This evaluation seems completely at the discretion of those working at Earnin which seems to me like more and more shady individuals working behind a computer screen. I would like answers as to how they plan on managing this situation as I have used this APP happily for 7 months however this past month has been nothing but frustration as there currently is no phone line to reach them and every representative I have spoken with concerning this issue just dodges the question or blames the customer. If you ask me this company needs to be looked at in-depth and I earnestly WARN any new users that if they want to keep their money, stay far far far away from this company.

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