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Reviewed xln telecom on Wednesday, October 3, 2018

We recently set up an account with XLN for our business line and we have 3 ISP's we use just in case of downtime. Once we signed up with XLN it took 6-weeks to get the line installed where as other providers had us done within 2 to 4 week, however, not a big concern.

Today our line was restricted after one of our direct debits failed even though we wrote to XLN informing them of our change in bank details (and provided said details). Once this happened we phoned and paid the line and was told it would take 48 hours for the line to be turned back on! This is disgraceful and the customer support I spoke to were rude, condescending and quite frankly unhelpful. The internet and phone lines have now been down for 3 hours - This would NEVER happened with any other ISP due to a bank charge error.

I will be warning other businesses about XLN and will certainly be terminating my contract with them.

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