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Reviewed on Thursday, October 25, 2018

Avoid this fake company at all costs. They are a risk to your business.

This is a company based in India using a serviced office address in London with no physical presence or employees.

Company's House shows the company is not financially stable and had been applied to be struck off.

The number advertised on their website never reaches anyone you can talk to, it just drops the call every time. The only way to reach them is through the chat facility.

When attempting to change a basic MX record to redirect my mail to Microsoft Exchange, the people on the chat facility had very poor technical knowledge and were not able to follow simple instructions to change records.

One person called Thomas, seemed rude, unhelpful, very slow and just left the chat box with no warning. I was not rude in any way, so there was no justification.

Another technical person called Callum contradicted Thomas. A third person called Jacob also contradicted the other two.

None of the technical contacts could enter the basic information I repeatably cut and paste into the chat box, directly from Microsoft o365.

The technical contacts English was poor and I suspect given fake European names to give confidence.

I strongly suspect the positive reviews in Trustpilot are fake as this company is absolutely not fit for purpose as a web or domain host.

In the end, I realised the business risk these fraudsters posed after our mail migration wasn't resolved by Monday so I transferred the web hosting and DNS hosting to TSO Host who I've relied on for many years with my other business. In a few hours the website, name servers and DNS management was completely migrated, running and correctly configured with TSO Host.

Do NOT believe the fake reviews about this company and don't waste your money or risk your business on this fraudsters who need to be investigated and shutdown.

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