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Reviewed Earnin on Thursday, November 1, 2018

I just started using the app a week ago. It seemed like a godsend. I even started recommending it to friends.

As of last night I had 7 dollars in my account, enough to get gas this morning as I don't get paid until this afternoon. When I went to get gas, my card was denied. A quick check of my bank account shows that Earnin debited 30 dollars BEFORE my paycheck hit my account. Not only this, my debt was for 50 plus 5 dollar tip, so WHY did this app take 30 out and OVER DRAFT my account BEFORE my check was in the account???? I have been in contact with customer service, sent them the screenshot they asked for, and NOTHING. I will be reporting this to the BBB. This app should be shut down if this is how they do business.

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