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Reviewed AppFolio on Friday, November 2, 2018

I work for a flooring company that primarily deals with property management companies. Many of our customers use AppFolio and so we do a good bit of business with their customers. Recently we stopped receiving emails from AppFolio to our G Suite accounts. I have been over every setting and change possible to try to figure out why this is not working on my side with the G Suite Email IT support specialists. Once we had covered all of our bases on our side I called AppFolio and was told that there was nothing they could do because I was not one of their customers. I explained in detail that I needed no private or personal information but that I needed IP and Domain information so that I could white list them since they do not meet G Suite Security standards. The Customer service agent was not only unwilling to help but went so far as to repeat " you are not one of our customers so there is nothing we can do for you" every time I spoke. Rude, unprofessional and unhelpful. Beware any company that calls caustic sarcasm customer service.

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