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Reviewed 20i on Wednesday, November 7, 2018

One of the best shared hosting providers I've ever used..!

I am new to hosting and not very technical when it comes to servers, DNS etc. I can build websites and im pretty good but when it comes to hosting im a little lost. Every time Ive had a problem the support has been very fast. Im talking up to 10mins. Ive just had an issue now which was resolved again very quickly. This is the level of service you would expect with a managed dedicated server. Which i've had with Mojohost and they're £100 a month. Ive even had help with my CMS issues which I was very surprised with.

I will be using them for a long time. If your in the market for quality servers check them out and make sure you upgrade to timeline backups. Thats another great option because my websites are large and normally cant be backed up.

Great service and 5 stars..!

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