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Reviewed eUKhost on Thursday, November 8, 2018

Very poor. Set up a new server, live chat guy promised to expedite. Still took 3 hours. When I got server, windows was not activated. They said in support ticket they had 'problem' with activation and were trying to sort it. I was not willing to spend a week configuring and moving sites to a server that was not activated until I was sure it was working and was not going to stop working. 21 hours later, no response. Still not activated. Followed up in live chat. Guy promised to respond with update in 30 mins, I told him I wanted it activated in next 30 minutes, or refund as no good to me. One hour later, no response, no update, no activation. I live chatted again, guy cut me off when I asked for refund. Got another live chat operative, she said same thing - please wait, I am talking to some senior service guy. At this point, I have ZERO confidence these people know what they're doing, and really don't want to have anything with them so I ask them to refund. The live chat refused, and says they'll only start billing me when the server is fixed. I say that is not acceptable, I need a working server NOW, not at some unspecified point in the future when they can figure out their technical issues.

TLDR; paid money, got busted server, company refused to refund me, promised not to keep billing me until they get the server to work at some point in future

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