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Reviewed BirchHosting on Thursday, November 8, 2018

Birch Hosting’s motto of ‘Your Vision, Our Support’ could not be a more correct description of how your company operates. As a reseller of your hosting, Birch Hosting allows my company to provide a hosting service of absolutely exemplary quality where you take away all of the stress that usually comes with running websites for clients.

My clients’ websites are incredibly fast, are always available and I never need to worry about a thing but that’s not the best part about the service I receive from Birch Hosting.

The best part is the part that the other UK hosting companies do not offer at all, and that is the personal service that your company is built upon. You’re available any time to help me, I feel that I’m always a priority and you genuinely make me feel like I’m your only customer.

I know I can get in touch with you at any time and your service is always 100% attentive and sensitive to my requirements. I’ve been a customer of the other ‘big boys’ in UK hosting and they’re utterly inflexible, their servers are crammed with poorly-constructed websites that are constantly scrapping over server resources but yours are the opposite. There is no way that I’d be able to attain such great website speeds for my clients without you operating your hosting service on the mantra of not overselling servers, like the others!

If there’s a problem with one of my websites, you get in touch to speak to me about it and we work through issues together, you don’t just take the site down, like the others!

At the beginning, when I was in the position of requiring a new hosting company, I had a decision to make as to who I should use and I admit that I was wary of using a ‘smaller’ company such as Birch Hosting so I dropped you an e-mail and you called me straight back, we had a great conversation about my requirements and what you’d be able to provide.
Do you think any of the ‘big boys’ would have done this? Not a chance.

Nearly three years ago, I made the switch to Birch Hosting and it has been one of the most sensible decisions I have ever taken. I’m a very difficult person to impress and I recommend this company without hesitation or reservation.

If anybody reading this is in the same position I was three years ago, wavering over whether or not to use Birch Hosting, waver no longer – the correct decision is straight in front of you and it is Birch Hosting.

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