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Reviewed 20i on Thursday, November 8, 2018

20i Fab in every way!


(I didn't review too early as I know how the system works).

Transitioned to 20i over the last year or so (initially testing) and have been totally impressed with the level of service, both customer support and server performance (Website Speed with SSD's).

I have also been impressed with the level of amenities supplied and all-round modern interface, it's just so easy to do anything!

20i have re-invented C-Panel to a new level.

As an original unsatisfied Heart Internet customer I have been pleasantly surprised with the service provided by 20i.

With the advantage of constantly monitoring both services (among'st others) side-by-side for a year or so I can honestly say that 20i wins hands down, 20i is the best internet hosting provider to date!

(continues on Trustpilot)

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