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Reviewed xln telecom on Wednesday, November 14, 2018

6 years ago xln screwed up my office move and we had no phones and internet for months. I thought lightening won’t strike twice, how wrong could I be...

Xln were meant to move my company broadband fibre lines for 8th Oct. 5 weeks later I still have no phones. They were late with the line install, late with broadband to fibre upgrade, charged me for an expedite when they shouldn’t (promised a refund, still not in my bank), said the intermittent connection was down to my setup when it was a rein fault out of my premises. Was lied to about an engineer been sent, eventually got an engineer who identified rein and said I need a direct to premises fibre line. Xln strung me on for another 11days before admitting they couldn’t give me a error free fibre connection. I have no phones and intermittent internet and am a business. XLN customer service are a joke!

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