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Reviewed xln telecom on Monday, November 19, 2018

Advised XLN i will be moving properties before taking package advisor said not a problem, When the day comes to ask them to move lines i find out there is an "engineer charge" of £99, i advise them the line is live in the new property and would not require an engineer.

After two weeks an engineer is sent he does nothing, he apparently visits the cabinet and tells me everything is already live.

The line they set up is also connected to the wrong box in the wrong room of the household, and when telling this to an advisor she tells me did you let us know.... it would seem xln advisors must be trained on taking complaints and replying in such a rude tone as they must have quite a few unhappy customers calling.

I advise the advisor ofcourse i let them know before asking to move the line, and it should also be a duty of theirs to check where to put the line or make it go live surely?

regardless i have lost a few days work with a line in the wrong box and i am still being charged £99

so after i wrote this review i had a call from the directors office and they agreed there was no engineer visit needed and they would look into it further and get back to me.

1 month after that conversation i have received an invoice of £150, no phone call from directors office and when calling customer service i am being told its a new contract i have got into and they are also putting on an assurance policy with i didnt request..... this is an absolute joke.

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