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Reviewed 20i on Tuesday, November 20, 2018

I'm new, busy jumping ship from 2 other hosting firms.
Been on a number of hosting firms in the past 18 years. Had some nightmares and some OK-ish firms. Had one firm back in 2004 where the data centre staff didn't care much for new working practices who all did a runner switching everything off and locking the place up for a whole week!

Of late, I am currently with a fairly decent VPS provider, who to be fair have been 100% up for the 16 months I've been with them, and the bulk of my business with a large national provider who have for my liking had too many "Oops we've gone and knock all your sites off the air . . back in a few hours!" moments.

On the brink of looking to hire a couple of hit-men I happened by 20i.

It was a no-brainer offer from them to give them a try so I thought "what have I got to lose?" so I signed up and had a play with what turns out to be an absolutely magnificent reseller program.

I'm eight or so days in and have migrated over.... (cont. on Trustpilot)

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