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Reviewed Cart2Cart on Thursday, November 22, 2018


CON ARTISTS: My online quote was for under $200. When it was all said and done I paid $460 for the migration, plus another $100 for services. Their online calculator is very misleading. The dollar amount was still worth it to me, but I don’t appreciate the deception right off the bat. That should have been a red flag.

THEFT OF TIME AND MONEY: I paid for all the extras and double insurance on this migration, was happy to because I hate database work! It didn’t work fully and I reached out and asked if I could pay extra for them to complete the broken parts for me. Didn’t ask for a refund at this point, just asked if I could pay extra for their time.

I spent TWO WEEKS of my time going back and forth with their customer support, trying to get them to complete the work. I sent emails EVERY DAY asking what their timeline was, asking how it was going. I never heard back on these questions. I then moved to requesting a refund for undelivered work, I had to move on and push the project through. I was out of time. I haven’t receive anything back from them. So, they believe good business practices involve taking money for services and then not completing the services. I didn't ask for a full refund, only the things that didn't work. I was very fair in my approach.

LACK OF COMMUNICATION: They send you one email every 24 hours, answering a fraction of your communication, you get no where. I understand that there is a time difference, but I start work at 5AM (11AM their time) and they wouldn’t respond to me until 3PM their time, then they tell me they're going home for the day. You cannot reach them by phone, you cannot reach management, complaint links didn't work, there is nothing here for anyone other than loss of time and money. I would resort to live chat every day when emails were unanswered. There, they promised me a resolution next day, every time, and nothing ever happened.

It’s a shame because if the software were better managed, it would be really nice. I could have paid someone else about the same amount to create a good migration for me, and that would have saved me a whole lot of time and stress. The money I spent is worth it, if it had worked.

At the end of it all, they didn’t complete the re-migration, or fix the broken links. I gave them two weeks to do their work, but I had deadlines and had to move on. Their reason for non-refund was that “I didn’t allow them to complete the work”. They also didn’t refund me for the add-ons to the migration that didn’t work.

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