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Reviewed Earnin on Monday, March 11, 2019

Works great until it doesn't. Unfortunately, huge problems arise when it finally doesn't do what it's supposed to do. They'll try to put the blame on the customer. Like, the representative tried to blame me for not having my gps on to track my work hours. Except, my gps has remained on for the entire time. When that didn't work, they said that earnin "only works if the user does NOT leave the building where their work address is housed." Except, I have traveled all over Los Angeles daily for the last three years and the earnin app tracked my hours just fine. I used earnin a lot because of a recent medical issue. I tipped $9.00 each and every time I used it. The amounts and frequency with which I borrowed adds up to a nice chunk of change for these people. And now, suddenly, with no warning, they "can't track my work hours because I'm not glued to my desk every day." I had the ridiculous chat sent to my email, so I can show you if you'd like! (It's extremely long and repetitive which is why I don't just post it now.)

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Reviewed Earnin on Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Nope. Like everyone else, it was dandy for a while. Suddenly, immediately after they took all the money I owed them from the previous loan, I can no longer reconnect my bank. They always got all their money back from me PLUS I tipped the full amount every time I borrowed. I find it strange that they could connect just fine when taking money, and I suddenly can't connect in order to borrow. Their loss. They advertise that the max is some low amount, but I borrowed $1,000 each time. They made a nice chunk from my full tips but that was then and this is now. The worst part is that I emailed them only to get a reply saying, "We're now only doing customer service through our in-app chat, so we're marking this issue as 'resolved.'" Mark it as "ignored," "undealt with," or "we don't give a shit about you." Anything but "resolved" because no one even bothered to look at it. It's very much unresolved.

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