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Reviewed Earnin on Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Wow!! I thought this was a great idea, until 2 weeks ago. I had requested 100.00 and tipped 3. That request was made about 11pm. They deposited the money , and 4 hours later redrew it. Their app stated that the money would be be withdrawn two weeks following, like usual. The problem is not that they withdrew the money two weeks before they should have. The problem is that they did not credit me for the withdrawal, and still showed I owed 103.00. I submitted screen shots of both my bank statement, and the information off their site as shown on my cell phone. I too had to wait for a response, only to ask for what I already provided. I had Julian as my rep, he thanked me for my patience. Told me there was a team of people assigned to make sure this was resolved. I knew that if it wasn't, I would NOT continue to allow access to my account. I received another email stating they considered the matter closed, and would communicate via chat from this point on, for my convenience. When I went to look for the chat, it was no where to be found. Please keep in mind that this went on for two solid weeks. By the time the Friday of monies being withdrawn came, I received another email asking, yet again, for the information I had already provided. I went to the bank. When they pulled my records, it showed that Earnin had accessed my account 4 times a day, every day. They also found several internal transfers. Meaning that the bank had been tricked into thinking I had another account and had been making inner bank transfers. That also meant I had no way of proving that I was over charged. My bank advised me to close the account down immediately, I requested an address or web site to pay back the true amount I owe. I was told that I had to link the bank account again. I have removed the app from my phone, closed my bank account down, and locked any internet/phone transactions down until further notice. I am not sure if this is a scam that eventually gets you, OR, if it's a program that has too many users. A small idea turned a bit bigger than they thought, and it became more than they could handle.?? No STARS, in fact -10000000!!! Very disappointed.

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