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Reviewed xln telecom on Friday, February 8, 2019

It seems my experience is similar to everyone else. Firstly it was the broadband not working. I pinpointed the fault to the router and asked them to send a new out. They said it's not the router it's the filter and they would send one of those out. A week later still no broadband and no filter. Phoned them again to be told that it was definitely sent out but they would send another anyway. A week later still no broadband or filter. Another phone call with the same discussion plus they suggested we go out and buy our own filter. After being told where to go they said they would send another. Several weeks later still no broadband or filter and no sign of issue being resolved.
In the meantime I checked our bills only to find that over the last couple of years they have steadily doubled. At this point I decided to ditch them. Lo and behold what do you think happened next? Yes, you got it, the retention team bombarding us with phone calls and special deals. They have been told where to go on several occasions but still persist.
For any potentially new XLN customer reading this then the message is clear:

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