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Reviewed Earnin on Sunday, February 17, 2019

I have been using this site for quiet some time and never ever had an issue. NOW! i woke up this morning to the app saying it cannot connect to my bank. which is weird since nothing with my bank login has changed. so there is 3 options go to bank site, connect to bank and change bank. I went to the banking site connected succesfully! then when trying to connect through the app it said incorrect username or password! how so? i just logged on through the site on my online banking with the same information! Well I spoke with a lady on the online chat she was super nice but not able to help at all said she will send it to a team of specialist . Well, how long is that going to take? And on top of it ... Im sure when payday comes they will be able to credit my account so howcome i wont be able to cash out if they are able to credit my account. that makes no sense. as of right now im going to give them 3 stars and if this problem is fixed in a timely manner i will give them 5 stars because other than this unfortunate problem they've been pretty good to me. I'm just keeping my fingers crossed. This has been good for me being a single mother making 10 an hr!

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