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Review written for QiQ on Monday, May 13, 2013

QIQ always a delight to deal with. Unlike most hosting companies, the difference is you get real human beings to talk to if you run into problems. Not frustrating Bots and FAQ answers, but real answers from real people. QIQ are also very quick to set up your your website name and associated hosting package. I ordered a package in the week and within 30 mins both the domain name and website host were live. Features offered on QIQ packages are very good, such as free sql databases, plenty of email/ftp addresses and through your own control panel, features and apps can easily be deployed with a few clicks. I've used QIQ about 8 times for website projects and they have never failed to let me down. I ran into a problem in the week which was caused by me. A phone call was returned with 10 minutes from their director in person in Australia spoke to us, worked out exactly what the problem was and rectified it immediately. I cannot stress that if you want value for money, an efficient friendly and reliable service, QIQ all the way. Compared with other website hosting companies I have used before, QIQ are a breeze and easily the most stress free company I have ever dealt with!

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