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Reviewed Devart on Thursday, March 14, 2019

Our company has been using the Devart LiteDac driver for several years and have found it to be the easiest, most cost-efficient, solution for accessing data. Without Devart, we would have needed to spend thousands of dollars in programming time trying to implement an interface between our SQLite database and our software written using Delph, then spent much more time working on security and encryption protocols. All of that was handled by the Devart LiteDac driver automatically. We use the Embacardero – Delphi Suite and while Embacardero provides other database interfaces, none of them compared with the ease, security, and robust features which the Devart LiteDac driver provided. AS an example, within a few minutes of installing the Devart LiteDac driver, we were creating our SQLite database connections. Installation of the driver was seamless and easy, and it showed up on the Delphi component list automatically. Once the Devart LiteDac component suite was installed we simply selected the Devart Litedac database connection, linked it to the standard Delphi tables and datasets, and we were ready to go. A major factor in our decision to use Devart LiteDac was the ability to encrypt the database which was a snap. We simply selected the encryption method from a drop down list, typed in our encryption key, and voila, instant security of our data. It could not have been easier. Once we created our database program, we were then able to deploy it to over a thousand customers without one connection issue. The LiteDac components simply compile into the program and install automatically when the program installs. The best part is we no longer needed to use, or deploy, the Borland Database Engine which used to take up a huge amount of overhead, and on several occasions required us to walk our customers through on how to set up the BDE. That is no longer required with the Devart LiteDac driver. As such, we highly recommend LiteDac and other Devart products to any company coding in Delphi, C , Firemonkey, Visual Studio, etc. as they have already taken all of the legwork out of connecting, encrypting, and displaying your data. As a bonus, we recently tried to access the same database using the Devart ODBC driver for SQLite and were pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to establish a connection, even though the database was encrypted using the Devart LiteDac driver. Of course, we had to enter the security credentials, but as both the ODBC Driver and the LiteDac driver use the same encryption routine, we can now access our data programmatically using either the Embacardero Delphi Suite or access the data via any other website development software (visual studio, Webelevate, RAD studio, etc.) by simply selecting an ADO connection, then using the ODBC driver from Devart. Finally, we note Devart has been diligent in updating their drivers continually, always improving them and making sure they work with the latest versions of SQLite. We would recommend Devart drivers to anyone looking to get a head start on their database programs who would rather spend more time on creating robust software then trying to figure out how to connect their data.

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