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Reviewed Earnin on Friday, March 15, 2019

I used to like this app a lot... back when they were known as "active hours." I would rave it about to friends. It was super easy. You have to tip on each advance but it was cheaper than paying interest on a credit card. I really did like it... However, after a year or so it all went downhill horribly.
1. The app and my bank continuously disconnect from each other. That's actually been happening from the beginning, but it's now more difficult to get it fixed again. It takes longer and quite a few attempts. I already didn't feel comfortable giving my banking info. Having to re-enter it every few weeks didn't make me feel any better about it.
2. Poor service: You could always email them, but the people who use this app are usually in too much of a pinch to hurry up and wait for an email to be returned with troubleshooting instructions.
They did recently come out with a chat feature, but the reps appear clueless, and use mostly auto responses assuming your problem is just like everyone else.
3. Location services: For example, they have this new feature where they track your location to track your work hours. The idea behind it is that they will know when you're working by watching you come and go from work. The rep assumed that I must have entered my work address wrong. She asked me for my home address, and my work address, and then home address again. They obviously didn't consider folks such as myself who work remotely. My work and my home are the same place, and I told her that from the beginning. She asked me at least 3 times until I think it finally registered that they are one in the same. Her instruction was to just shut the location services off after 11 hours every day. For an app I use maybe 1-2 x a month if any... that's a bit much. It used to be that you could just take a picture of your time sheet and you had an advance in your account within an hour. Now they want to watch where you're going?
4. Invasive: In order to use their "lightning speed" feature where money is in your account nearly instant, you must now give them your debit card number on top of the fact that they already have your routing and account #. Why in the world would that be necessary? That would mean that they have my workplace info, my debit card, my bank account info and my location at all times. That's just scary and wholly unnecessary. It makes me lose all trust in an app I've been using for a long time now.
So today I opened the app for the last time. It said it can't connect to my bank and wants me to enter my banking info again, and reminded me to give them my debit card # too. That's enough for me. I'd rather use my credit cards.

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