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Reviewed Earnin on Thursday, March 21, 2019

Still won't connect to my bank. It told me my passcode was incorrect and to re enter it. I entered the same thing and then it said it was correct but there are no available accounts. But... There are...? The app also told me i was a loser and needed to learn how to budget on my own and not rely on some scammy app with "too good to be true" written all over it. Just kidding. But seriously, just like i need to budget, y'all need to fix this issue. If i need my $40 on a Tuesday so i can buy a cat tower, i want my $40 on Tuesday so my cat can play on her cat tower. Sorry, i thought this was America... Can we please go back to embracing laziness again? Some say its ruining hard work in our country. I can't disagree, but i could definitely get my cat that cat tower with an extra $40. I'll let you (Earnin) decide whether my cat gets her cat tower or not. This CANNOT wait till Friday. She needs to climb and scratch and i need to watch. Thank you in advance.

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