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Reviewed Earnin on Monday, April 1, 2019

This concept is GREAT!! And when I first started using the app I had no issues. Then as soon as 2019 started I began having all sorts of problems. EARNIN HAS STOLE MONEY FROM ME. DO NOT UES THIS APP!! First let me state I've never borrowed more than 100 dollars from Earnin at one time. For the past month earnin has withdrawn 100 dollars every other week from my account without me asking to lend or even using the overdraft protection. When I contacted an earnin rep about this issue the first time I kept getting disconnected. And after you get disconnected you have to speak to a whole different person when you get connected again so I had to explain my situation multiple times. They all asked from screen shots from my bank account which I provided. NOBODY was able to tell me why this was happening and NOBODY was able to put me in touch with a supervisor no matter how many times I asked. All they would say is that "they understand my frustration and they are working on a solution". This app and its representatives are a joke. This company is actually stealing money from me and the representatives have no idea what to do. They have no knowledge of how earnin works therefore they cannot answer any serious questions and refuse to pass anything up any higher. So far I'm out 200 dollars with no end in sight. I'm still trying to work with their representatives to handle this because I would like to continue using the app if this can be fixed however if this persists I will not only take legal action but I will do everything in my power to ruin the reputation of this company.

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