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Reviewed Procius on Wednesday, April 10, 2019

One of the most appalling customer service experiences I have EVER encountered - and I'm not alone in thinking this, every single one of my colleagues complained of their incompetence.

Firstly, not once did I ever receive a return phone call (just to point out, this was over a period of months with numerous attempts at contacting them, that I myself made). Whenever I would leave a message, as the person(s) dealing with my checks were not available at that time, the message was either not passed on or ignored completely.

There was no communication amongst themselves resulting in repeated requests via email for documents I had sent days sometimes weeks before.

I even made an attempt to file a formal complaint, sending this to numerous emails, and even this was ignored! I cannot fathom how a company so inept at performing such an important task has managed to remain in business. I truly find it astonishing.

I hope to NEVER have the displeasure of corresponding with this company ever again.

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