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Reviewed Procius on Monday, April 15, 2019

Very unprofessional, caused a lot of stress, not happy at all.

They had all the information they required aprox. 5 weeks before my deadline. They did not get all my checks completed in time. I was then in quality control for 9 days before someone realised there was a mistake. 9 days!!!!! It was soon enough fixed and I got cleared after my deadline, but after spending an absolute fortune calling Procius 4/5 times every day from Spain. It's shocking to think this happens every year and never improves, if the company can not complete their duties in time, they should not take on as much work.

The information given by the team was unclear, each member of staff said something different to the last one.

Example: someone said Gap referees could not scan and send their reference through email as the hardcopy was required, others said they could.

I feel very unsatisfied with the LACK of service received, and the shocking amount of time it took to review a few references.

I would never recommend this company to anyone and I personally hope I never have to deal with Procius again.

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