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Reviewed Earnin on Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Earnin has taken money from my account a day early on 3 separate occasions. It has resulted in a total of $96 in overdraft fees. I reached out to customer support, and was told that my concern was being forwarded to a supervisor and that I would receive an email. This was after I was basically told I was lying about when I'm paid, and had to submit numerous documents that they should already have on file. I was never contacted by any supervisor, but I let it go. I contacted earnin a second time when I saw that my next payment was scheduled to come out early again. The person I spoke to said they resolved the issue and it would come out on the correct date this time. The money came out early AGAIN, and was taken out in two separate payments, so I received 2 more overdraft fees.
When I contacted them, I was again told that they couldn't help me, and that it was being "forwarded." Someone finally contacted me today, and they had no idea what my issue even was, but they closed my ticket because it was "resolved" Overall, I'd be careful using this app. I downloaded it because I thought it would be helpful for this particular month, but I've found that I would have been better off with a payday loan.

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