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Reviewed JIX Host on Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Warning About

Chris from was nice at first, until he gets your money. I purchased the Alpha Reseller Account that offered 32CPU’s. What I got was basic 8CPU’s and crappy support. IonCube did not work so I could not even setup my WHMCS, Softaculous was not updated, and took forever just to get WHMAMP Access. It’s like he is purchasing them somewhere else because he told me they are setup by “Another Department”. I Asked him Could I get it for the price he is selling it on ebay for, and he told me that was not him, and he will look into the listings. That was clearly a lie sense the ebay account is websiteplex which is a site he owns.

He says He has a A Rating with BBB, but he’s not even accredited with them. Anyone can put their name on the BBB website for FREE!

When I asked him why I am not getting 32CPU’s he said it was because it was virtual. That if I did not like it showing only 8CPU’s that he would refund my money. I told him I was not happy with it and just want a refund. This is when he got mad. He told me he does not offer refunds (Even though he told me he would give me one). I told him I will have to open a PayPal claim to try to get my money back. He then told me Go ahead, I will just report it to PayPal as Fraud.

Long story short, stay away from this guy. He charges too much for what he offers. The service worked 95% of the time, but I didn’t get what I paid for. If he would Offer what he sells this would be a good company. But sadly, it didn’t work out for me. Please read reviews on this guy.

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