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Reviewed xln telecom on Thursday, May 16, 2019

Why we even have to give a star. We I got 9 lines with them but since 3 to 4 months they gone from £32 to £76. As its coming to an end of my contract and wanted to leave but I can't. As if I want to keep the number I have to be with them, even though they forgetting I paid for the number as well.
So I am leaving because of the cost and unexpected bills but I can't as I need the number I have for years.
Spoke to ofcom and they said they having a ?? laugh on me. As I have come to end of my contract and wanted to change suppliers but not allowing me to do so.
So now I took the matter to ofcom with written compliant and will be recording their call on next call to them with the link being shared here.
Keep away if you want your small business to run smooth.

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