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Monday, May 20, 2019

Look. I'm at least two years into doing business with these guys. I've had experience with over 7 different VPS packages on a bunch of different nodes. I will say, when it works for months and months on end it is total bliss.

Then the dark days come.

The moment you open a ticket you will regret it. The responses are nonsense, they never fix anything. Downtime it their favorite feature.

I am giving them 2 stars instead of one, thats because these servers are about as cheap as a meal at McDonalds, and I never expect to feel great after a meal at McDonalds.

If you want serious, production level services, steer clear.

If you want dirt cheap servers just to mess around with every once and a while that you paid 2 years in advance for with pocket change? Yeah it's not bad for that.

Just DO NOT EXPECT the following:
Up to date containers for OpenVZ
Any sort of support whatsoever
Not having your boxes go down for like 24 hours straight.

Doing business with these folks has not been the worst decision of my life, but please just understand that the prices they are offering are low for a reason.

Oh, and those sales they are always emailing you about saying they're about to end?

Yeah no, the whole site is on sale every single day of the year as long as they have your email address.

Quite clearly most of the 5 star reviews are fake and that's honestly the nastiest part about them... Oh and them buying legitimate hosting companies just to pick their customers up and turn their whole infrastructure's life upside down... That's... really not cool.

Good luck!

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