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Friday, May 17, 2019

Pros: Easy to install tool, with server featuring various features, diversified reports and screen monitoring, or keystrokes. The interesting thing about the screen recording is that it is not through snapchat, but video. This is really cool.

Cons: Despite the ease of installation and with many features for monitoring, the software translated into Portuguese is confusing. I did not return from the support for a long period, which I really needed because I needed to present the tool in the company.

Overall: It is a tool with many resources, it is better to use it in English, because translating into Portuguese, is very confused. The support took a while to respond to me during the day. But then I received all the support, even while in tool test mode. They made remote access and set up my server settings for operation. The price of the tool even being in dollars, is very affordable. Anyway it's a good tool to use within the company. Very safe.

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