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Reviewed Procius on Monday, June 10, 2019

Well where do I even start with this procius malarkey?

This started 20/3/2019

Even a 1 star is to much for them.

The incompetency of their staff is absolutely unacceptable. Having a month before I even started my training for them to start getting my work references together is more than enough time to do it. 2 months later I’m still no where, bearing in mind I had finished my training and had now got my wings. 2 weeks later I finally went into quality control. I thought things were starting to look up but I thought to soon! In 2 days I had been pulled out of quality control 4 times because they cannot do there job properly!

This is how bad it got...
“Unfortunately we can’t accept that reference because it was sent on an admin email”

“This reference doesn’t contain the company stamp so we can’t accept that” (bearing in mind I had told them 8-9 times the company had gone into liquidation there it no longer has a stamp)

“We’ll get that done for you today”
(A week later it still wasn’t done and I was in the same situation)

They waited to send the reference request to the company’s 3-4 times before even thinking of what do do next if they didn’t reply. Wasting more and more of the time I wasn’t going to get paid from my new job.

Just as it was going into quality control I had an email saying they were missing the last back page of my HMRC tax statement. Bearing in mind I had sent that to them 2 months prior to them sending me this. I was not happy. The lack of incapability was becoming a joke.
I told them I didn’t have it and I only sent to them what the HMRC had sent to me.
The response was “well when we send this off to Jet2, it may get sent back to us because you can’t agree with the conditions we have asked for”. I could not do anything about this.

Finally on 7/6/2019 I got dispatched to Jet2.

I cannot begin to express how much this downgrade of a company has brought so much emotional distress to my life in the past few months.

A dream job ended up turning into a nightmare!

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