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Reviewed Earnin on Wednesday, June 12, 2019

It worked fine for a few months until I switched jobs. I tried sending a screenshot for a cashout from my last job's paycheck, and they kept telling me the screenshot was denied because I had been paid a day earlier since I was leaving the job. I tried to explain this to customer service, and they were no help. They had already taken 150 dollars out of my paycheck. I put in my new work info the next week, and I still had not received the 150 dollars back from my last paycheck. They said they couldn't send it to me until they had a pay stub from my new employer because apparently my account was automatically inactive without my new pay stubs. The cash out process was always a hit or miss because it constantly couldn't connect to my bank, and I would sometimes have to wait days, even though they said it would be immediate. Don't waste your time. Customer service is unhelpful. All they do is take your money, and make it hard to get it back when you need it. I deleted my account, and have no plans on going back.

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